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Book Description

The book Play Therapy and Expressive Arts in a Complex and Dynamic World: Opportunities and Challenges Inside and Outside the Playroom (Cassina, Mochi & Stagnitti, 2023) published by Routledge offers cutting-edge expertise and knowledge in new and developing play therapy, therapeutic play and expressive arts for families and children in crisis and challenging situations.


The book focuses on the use of play therapies in complex and dynamics situations such as pandemics, post-disaster conditions, crisis, migration, poverty and deprivation. Evidence in the book is rooted in theory and contains examples of direct clinical experiences of play therapy approaches by the authors from across six continents, offering innovative methods to apply expressive arts modalities across different situations.


The book highlights the importance of understanding the context and needs of the children and families in their particular situations and provides examples of application of therapeutic principles and techniques in individual and group settings and within schools and communities.


With reflections and guidance on how to support children in reaching their potential in a variety of difficult contexts, the book will be key reading for scholars and researchers in the fields of play therapy, expressive arts therapies and creative psychotherapy, as well as professionals in these areas.

Blog Posts

"This exciting book by a distinguished group of contributors takes play therapy outside of its comfort zone to telehealth, crisis-disaster areas, high-risk countries, refugees and asylum seekers, while enlisting the healing power of nature.
This excellent book is urgently needed!"

 ― David A. Crenshaw, PhD, ABPP, RPT-S

Author and Clinical Psychologist


Meet the Authors

We are experienced Professionals and Academics from over the world specialised in Play Therapy and Expressive Arts!

"This is an innovative and much needed book. It takes us into the realm of today’s complex world addressing crisis situations, Covid, tele-health and the need for being in nature.

Readers are treated to the expertise of internationally renowned authors who offer in-depth practical and useful guidance for working with children and adults.

This is a much-needed addition to the professional library of beginner and experienced clinicians alike".

 ― Athena A. Drewes, PsyD, RPT-S
Founder and President Emeritus of the NY Association for Play Therapy
Past Director of the Association for Play Therapy

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